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NextEvo Solves Variability & Absorption Issues for CBD

Smartsorb™ Technology: Optimized CBD Results

We’ve developed scientific rigor from our experience at Johnson & Johnson. This background is what gives us such high standards.

Human subjects received 30 mg dose of CBD in 8 oz. water. Water compatible NextEvo Premium Pure CBD vs. Oil-soluble CBD Solution
Blood samples were taken at time intervals of 0/15/30/45/60/90/120 minutes. Superior absorption clinically shown in multiple human studies.

Clinical data demonstrates NextEvo superiority

Most CBD is lipophilic, thus poorly absorbed in oil-based forms. This results in very low dosage achieved in the bloodstream. This is the case with 90% of products on the market.

Smartsorb™ Technology

NextEvo CBD is better because our SmartSorb™ technology optimizes CBD for better bioavailability, so your body can absorb more of it.

Our technology precisely controls particle size, natural emulsifiers and potency per dose.

Quality Issues in CBD Category

Many Leading Brands on the Market are Poorly Formulated

Multiple studies illustrate quality issues despite COAs, including top brands.

Potency tests performed by ISO 1725 and a Pennsylvania State Approved lab, Coral Reef Labs, Jonestown, PA

Multiple Published Pharmacokinetics Studies as Evidence

Our team of scientists and medical advisors continue to push for the evolution of standards for CBD and supplements.

Proven 4x absorption with rapid onset into bloodstream

NextEvo formulation superior to oil-based formulations in human study.

Source: Phytotherapy Research. 2020; 1-8; Wiley, Evaluation of pharmacokinetics and acute anti-inflammatory potential of two oral cannabidiol preparations in healthy adults

Additional food effect of 3x to an already superior formulation

NextEvo formulation when administered with a meal at time of ingestion

Source: Nutrients, MDPI: Article—Cannabidiol and Cannabidiol Metabolites: Pharmacokinetics, Interaction with Food, and Influence on Liver Function

NextEvo Formulation Produces a Positive Immune Response

NextEvo given at 30mg bid and 120mg bid among healthy subjects.

Source: Physician Advisors interviews

Dosage Guide

How much do you recommend to your patient?

NextEvo CBD is 4x as strong as standard CBD because your body is absorbing more. Clinical data shows patients absorption of CBD is highly variable.   If your patient is new to CBD we recommend 30mg/day as a starting dose and titrate up based on their experience.  Based on our recent study, you can instruct your patients to take it twice per day to achieve steady state levels in as few as three days. 

The Need for a High Quality CBD

Patients are seeking natural solutions for various issues

Stress/relaxation, sleep, and pain relief are among top reasons for cannabinol use in the US, increasingly at the suggestion of a medical professional.

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